Common Questions and Assumptions

In any human activity, it is inevitable even necessary to come up with certain assumptions or rules with regard to going about a certain task.  Given a long enough time some people begin to think that these observations are absolute, or inflexible. But in reality, life's circumstances are so varied and people so different, that using a single approach or product for every situation is a sure-fire way to disaster. In some scenarios, it is better to say that there are always some exceptions to the rules or workarounds through every situation.

This is no different in the field of finance. Here are some examples of the statements and questions people bring up with regards to life insurance. Click on a statement to read further.

I have investments. They’re better than any life insurance, disability insurance, or whatever, right?

How can I plan my financial future? I have no money.

These plans are not helpful for me. They are only useful when you’ve died.

I am rich, so I don’t need any life insurance, etc.