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A well-established financial services group committed to serving the needs of our clients in the highest professional standard and integrity.

Help individuals and families establish a solid financial foundation upon which to build their future economic goals.

Provide the highest quality products and services to our clients.

Enhance or position as a recognized and highly respected business leader.

Maintain the highest level of honesty, credibility and integrity in our relationships with our clients and with one another.

Adhere to the principles of the Golden Rule - treating our clients the way we would also want to be treated.

Work for the greater good of our clients as a legacy to the next generation.

The client always comes first.

Encourage diversity without losing our Filipino identity.

Function as a team that supports and values each other's God-given talents.

The history of Professional Provider Financial Group, commonly referred to as PPFG, dates back to the mid 1980’s. As fate would have it, Emmanuel “Manny/Nuel” Francisco, a young, well motivated insurance agent with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company met Jaime “Jimmy" Malimban  at a Meineke Repair Shop in Edison, New Jersey where both have car problems that day. This chance encounter at the most unlikely setting brought about a beautiful friendship between them and successful careers in the insurance business. Emmanuel & Jaime advanced their careers as professional financial planners with several licenses in life, health and property/casualty as well as Security License. They have also undertaken successful trips together and earned well deserved designations as Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). 

In 2002, Emmanuel & Jaime entered a new chapter in their careers and created a partnership in brokerage, with the main goal of providing better recommendations of financial products to their clients based on their needs. Their unwavering desire to better meet the needs of their clients in an ever changing financial world led to the creation and establishment of the Professional Provider Financial Group in 2004, with Emmanuel Francisco as Founder and Jaime Malimban as Founding Partner, but both acting as Managing Partners.

From its inception, PPFG’s promise to deliver a suitable financial product customized to the individual client has never wavered. PPFG has established a reputation of honesty, integrity and trust, the hallmarks of Emmanuel & Jaime’s friendship throughout the years. Sadly, their relationship and partnership ended abruptly in 2006 with the untimely passing of Founding Partner, Jaime Malimban.

After the devastating loss of his partner, Emmanuel is left with the daunting task of continuing and sustaining the vision that he and Jaime shared from the inception of PPFG just two years earlier; that is, to educate and assist in providing the financial well-being of each client and their loved ones for years to come. With utmost determination, Emmanuel was able to slowly move on and continue the mission he had set out to accomplish.

Today, Emmanuel leads a dedicated team of licensed professionals who share in the original vision of PPFG. From humble beginnings in a car repair shop to the formation of the partnership, Professional Provider Financial Group strives to ensure that the financial decisions you make now will lead to security, prosperity and a promise of a bright future that will give you peace of mind. 

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